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St.John Allerdyce [userpic]
Hello all!
by St.John Allerdyce (pyroisagod)
at June 20th, 2008 (07:59 am)

current mood: excited

Hey, I'm Rain, and I'll be your resident Pyro for the foreseeable future.
You can reach me on AIM as StJohnPyromaniac, email PyroWillStealYourSoul@gmail.com, or just comment in the journal. (My John muse like to play with teh memes and lolcats.) The times that I can be on may vary, as I'm currently a worker of the night shift, but I should usually be on around 1-5pmish Central Standard Time, maybe 5-7am if I can't sleep.

by a_modern_angel (a_modern_angel)
at June 18th, 2008 (09:46 pm)

Hey guys, I'm Rhamiel and I will play the lovely, misunderstood Warren :-D My email is modestroad@hotmail.com if you want to chat or talk about the plot.

I want to play Daredevil too but I have a problem finding a PB for Matt. Not Ben. It can't be Ben Affleck. I have no problem with Ben but he's not Daredevil. What do you guys think? Can you help me find a PB?


Why hello there.
by Webslinger #1 (webslingerno1)
at June 17th, 2008 (08:14 pm)

Hello, all you lovely people. I'm Liz, and (once I'm approved (and I mean into the comm, my application's fortunately already gone through!)) I'll be your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Anyone fancies a chat, a little plotting or scheduling some RP - I'm up for pretty much anything, Spidey's fine with blabbering at any and all of you guys' characters - you can get me on AIM at sneakylizzie, MSN on isis_astaria@hotmail.com or, well, my email's the same as my MSN. Or hey, just comment here.

Looking forward to playing!

Miss Pepper Potts [userpic]
by Miss Pepper Potts (ms_pepper_potts)
at June 13th, 2008 (02:29 pm)

Hello all! I'm Jen. This is wonderful. I had been pondering about applying for Pepper for roleplay, and then, when I was checking my friends list, I see an ad for this comm! I was surprised that she hadn't been taken yet, so I happily applied.

I'm open for any sort of roleplay. If possible, I'd really like to see some play on the West Coast. I like that change of pace in the Marvel movies. But she can be in New York, too. Just where ever Tony wants her to be, really. :D

I'm also in California myself. I'll be checking the comm and e-mail every night. Pepper has a voice mail set up, so if anybody needs her she can be reached there.

Can't wait to play! :D

I haz Internets! 8D and a Maddie Pryor question.
by Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange (supreme_strange)
at June 13th, 2008 (11:08 am)

OK. We finally *looks for wood to knock on* have our network at home fixed and both computers online. This means I can introduce at least one new pup this weekend pending approval. I'm really thinking of Maddie, since she'll be bringing a bar/hangout with her and is quite user-friendly.

I know that her presence will affect at least three other pups in the game, so if anyone has a problem with my bringing her in or questions about my plans for her, please let me know. :)


watcher_above [userpic]
Initiating Hulk Protocols
by watcher_above (watcher_above)
at June 13th, 2008 (12:28 pm)

So, The Incredible Hulk movie open today. Hopefully, if the flick does well, it will drum up some new blood for us. Anyway, because of the fact that our game's future plots may spin out of, or reference details from, the movie, I'm asking that any potential spoilers be placed behind an lj cut. Post a nice, noticeable warning before it as well. (Something subtle like "WARNING: Contains Incredible Hulk spoilers!") And, as always, communicate with you fellow players and me, your mod. Thanks!

Sigh. Casulality
by Anthony Edward Stark (ironstark)
at June 13th, 2008 (09:26 am)

I'm really sorry, but I just don't have the time to devote to this game that I thought I would, so I'm pulling Tony in hopes that you find a player much worthier of this fine game than I have been to pick up his spot.

I'll remove myself from the comms and such, I wish all of you the best!

watcher_above [userpic]
News Round-Up
by watcher_above (watcher_above)
at June 9th, 2008 (05:40 pm)

We're over two weeks into the game and things are chugging along nicely. We have twelve active characters, and hopefully we'll be adding a Wolverine and an Angel soon. A big thanks to everyone that has joined up. And remember, if anyone has any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions direct them to me at teamupmod@yahoo.com.

Some housekeeping notes: I've added a Locations list on the rpg comm's info page. This is just general background info stuff for the game, and could be used if you need any inspiration on just where to place a scene. If anyone has any suggestions for additions to the list, post them in comments to either this post or the actual "Locations" post. Also, I've added a "Wanted" section to the "Taken/Held" page as a bit of advertising for characters I think we'd like to see. Again, suggestions are welcome.

by Flint Marko (flintandsand)
at June 5th, 2008 (06:59 pm)

Argh. Real life decided to crush me during its week of finals. :< Apologies to the group for not being here, but now that school is out (WOOHOO), I should definately be more active. :D

watcher_above [userpic]
A Bad Deal Gets Worse
by watcher_above (watcher_above)
at June 2nd, 2008 (10:12 pm)

I've posted a scene involving gangsters and arms-dealing super villains in Manhattan. It's potentially action-centric and open to anyone that wants to do some super heroing.

1) It's the debut of the Rhino! There's probably going to be considerable property damage.

2) Dmitri may or may not be the Chameleon.

3) This may be all part of some yet-to-be-determined horribly evil plot. Or not.

If you have any questions/comments post them here.