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watcher_above [userpic]
State of Things Update
by watcher_above (watcher_above)
at August 21st, 2008 (09:34 pm)

Hello there! Just a word from your Mod here. There's been a few changes over the past month or so. Unfortunately, we've lost our Sandman flintandsand and Scarlet Witch hex_factor. However, we're lucky enough to have a brand new Wanda (scarlet_discord) jump in and kick things off with a bang. Check it out here.

As of my last check, everyone else is still here and in the game. The only exceptions are webslingerno1 and ms_pepper_potts, whom I have not heard back from yet. To be fair, and going above and beyond our remarkably liberal "post something somewhere once every six weeks" policy, I'm giving them until Monday, 8/25 to respond. After that, I'll consider the characters open.

Speaking of missing characters, my apologies to everyone for leaving Tony Stark held and unused for so long. He's been held for a series of different people, each in turn unable to follow up on the character. Again, in the interest of complete fairness, I'll maintain the current hold until the same date of 8/25.

Moving forward, the vampire plot's cooking along nicely. New York's heading for some serious supernatural trouble. It's an opportunity for chaos, violence, and disposable bad guys and everyone's invited! Also, I'll hopefully be jumping in with a few PCs of my own soon to join in the fun.

As always, if you have any comments, questions, complaints, or criticisms give me a shout.