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marvelteamupooc's Journal

Marvel Team-Up RPG: Out Of Character
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This is the Out-Of-Character forum for marvelteamuprpg, the Marvel Team-Up Role Playing Game. Use it for discussion of plots and characterizations, planning and questions.


Applications for characters can be sent to teamupmod@yahoo.com. They should be in the following format:

OOC Name: Your name, nickname, or handle here
Character Name: civilian/code name
Taken From: either the movie it's from or if it's unfilmed
Played By: the actor associated with the character or who you've assigned to "play" it.
Occupation: what the chatacter does for a living (i.e. photographer/student/super-hero)
Description: physical description, including civilian clothes and costume
Skills/Abilities/Powers: anything from "cosmic power" to "makes a mean omelet"
Personality: who your character is, the good and the bad
Background: just hit the high points for filmed character's past and what they've been doing since; unfilmed characters need more detail
Example Post: show us what you've got. Give a sample post for the character (minimum three paragraphs). Alternatively, include links to RPing in other games.
Plans: what do you want to do? Character development, plot ideas, and such

All characters and related situations are the property of Marvel Comics and their associated studios. This game is for entertainment purposes only